Mel Dobra’s solo career is blossoming. In only it’s second year, she has delighted crowds internationally, playing such festivals of renown as the Woodford Folk Festival, Splendour in the Grass, the Eclipse Festival and the Bali Spirit Festival, as well as embarking upon 2 East Coast tours of her inaugural album, Sacred Tides.

Mel’s musical career began just five years ago. Steeped in the evocatively spiritual genre of Kirtan, Mel accompanied musicians with the hypnotic melodies of the harmonium in performances as much meditational as musical.

Now, as an independent artist, Mel’s music has become a celebration of the soul, stepping away from the somewhat ceremonial themes of Kirtan to create her own interpretation; a gently contemporary yet profoundly emotional experience. Inspired by Kirtan but with the richly abundant flavours of world and folk music, she has developed a style infused with orchestral undertones, subtly Middle-Eastern nuances, Latin-inspired guitar, all bound by velvet harmonies and lyrics that reach deep within the listener, heard not by the ears but by the heart.

Joined by guitarist Joshua Arent, singer Brooke Francisco Newberry and numerous other musicians, Mel’s national Sacred Tides tour shared her music with a wider audience.

Defining her own genre, Mel has, with Sacred Tides, diversified and expanded the appeal of her music. But there remains a connectivity throughout her work, echoes of her musical roots that have endured. This permeates much of her music, in sound and lyrics, and influencing both her concerts and her songs. This is reflected in her audiences, the atmosphere she meticulously creates – physically and through the meandering currents of her music – evoking a transformative experience far beyond the music alone.

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Bali Spirit Festival

Splendour in the Grass

Kulcha Jam Kirtan, Byron Bay

Kulcha Jam Kirtan

Sacred Tides CD Launch