If you are a beginner to harmonium, I highly recommend lessons with Mel Dobra. She is kind, super patient and very calm – all qualities I greatly admire and qualities that, in my opinion, make a very good teacher. She breaks the chants down into small pieces so as to not get overwhelmed and builds from there. I think this is an excellent technique. First build the neural pathways in the brain with just the fingers, before adding sound of the invoice and then the voice. She is also a very beautiful soul with lovely energy. I can’t wait for my next lesson! I have no prior musical ability or knowledge and she had me playing a bhajan at the end of my first lesson.

- Koryn Lloyd, Yoga Teacher



“I took part in Mel’s last workshop and followed it straight up with a one on one lesson on Harmonium and a little more discussion around visions and what holds me back. I’m SO inspired since and cannot stop playing my harmonium (that miraculously materialised when I wanted it badly enough and saw THAT vision ) . Thanks Mel. I highly recommend to others to get along and work with you xx”

- Karen Eivers, Yoga Teacher



“Mel’s workshop offered a beautiful safe space to explore the magic of the harmonium… Mel’s stillness and musicality guided us to deep  listening and communing from the sacred space… Mel’s workshop has inspired me to sing every day with my harmonium… The healing effects are amazing… thank you”

- Kathryn Riding, Yoga and Voice Teacher



“I had 2 sessions of learning to play Harmonium with Mel and it was a fun activity. I learnt quite a lot in a reasonable amount of time (I can be slow at learning creative things ). I use the learnings for my practice is Sydney. Mel has a kind heart and was focussed on the best outcome for me. Mel also offered to help me with a melody for the Jain mantras I chant. I am glad to have been able to connect with her.”

- Prashant, Bank Manager



“Happy to advise that since your amazing workshop, I have invoiced a massive $ 14,000.00 profit in one week, with a further 12,000 confirmed today, I feel certain of my commitment to self and my projected vision based on your guided teachings. XXX MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE MEL”

- Caroline F.



“I really loved this workshop with Mel, i felt the meditations and techniques were extremely powerful ! It challenged me in a very productive way and gave me a more profound insight into the blockages that have been residing. Mel’s way of facilitating made me feel very supported and held, her own story gave inspiration to how it’s possible to make dreams come true. The only thing that holds us back is “the mind”.

Mel guides the path on how this can be overcome ! Thank you Mel, i feel immensely grateful that your sharing this gift!”

- Felicia Finke



“It has been a day of Trying New Things, and the beautiful Mel Dobra, local Goddess of Song, came over to Teach me some chords on the Harmonium. It looked a bit tricky at first, but Mel guided me through step by step and soon, I was playing with my eyes closed ( Love is blind, as they say ) What a lovely experience, when a Local Starlet comes over to share her Magic. I am really enjoying the Album Sacred Tides. ReallyResonates. Thanks Mel. I had fun.  If you want to skill up into new areas and you fancy the Harmonium, this is heart opening experience.”

- Kimberely Baxter

Art of Harmonium workshop