Workshops are a great addition to retreats and teacher trainings. Rates will be dependant on numbers in the group.

Private tuition/sessions are $90 per hour. An introductory offer of four sessions for $270 is offered.

Please email Mel for bookings, and check the events page for upcoming workshops in your area.

As an extension to her musical events, Mel has developed a series of workshops and private sessions entitled ‘Art of Harmonium’,  ‘Living Your Vision’ and ‘Free Your Voice’.  Through her own experiences from launching her solo career, she assists others in recognising their true passions and their inherent ability to actualise these dreams. From learning to play a musical instrument, such as the harmonium, to creating artwork or singing or speaking to an audience, Mel shares with her audience all she has learned, practical and functional methods to help us attain our creative goals.

Free Your Voice

There are so many blockages when it comes to clear communication, self-expression and song…

This workshop creates a space where we look at those fears for exactly what they are, give them the freedom to be, and then move forward in a safe and nurturing environment.

In this workshop we will sing mantras together and we will do throat and vocal exercises. We will vision into what it would be like for you to freely self-express. I will share my knowledge and tips that have helped me, and I will also talk about the fear that plagues so many people to speak up, creating a space where we know we are all in this together.

The whole day is a very safe, contained and held space. For the finale of the workshop each participant will share either a song or a poem, as a way to break down the barriers to being heard.

Art of Harmonium

Mel brings with her a vast array of knowledge to facilitate a beautiful, nurturing and educational workshop displaying the Art of the Harmonium. Whether you are an experienced musician or not, learning to play the harmonium can be a wonderful way to explore and unblock your creativity. These workshop will focus on the harmonium, its origins and how to play your first song. It is a safe, nurturing environment, where we sing and play together.

Bring your own harmonium or let us know if you need to borrow one.

Living Your Vision

Living Your Vision is a workshop designed by Mel Dobra, to support people bringing their creative dreams to life. The idea for this workshop came to her whilst she was doing a 10 day silent vipassina mediatation course. In this workshop you can expect to gain insights into how to bring your vision to life. We will work on your creative vision, through meditation, music and the written word. You will take home a set of skills to apply to your personal creative vision, and how to create it more fully in your life. There will be partner work, group sharing, and of course, chanting, embracing the ancient magic in mantra for creating the life you want.

Art of Harmonium workshop


“Mel’s workshop offered a beautiful safe space to explore the magic of the harmonium… Mel’s stillness and musicality guided us to deep listening and communing from the sacred space… Mel’s workshop has inspired me to sing every day with my harmonium… The healing effects are amazing… thank you.”

- Kathryn Riding, Yoga and Voice Teacher.